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I don’t know what to start from. But anyway, I’ll try to start somehow… I signed exchange contract not knowing where to go. All I wanted it was to go to somewhere in july and come back in august. Everything was unexpected and I matched myself with Moldova, Chisinau. As this internship was in summer so my choice was “Summer Box” project, organizing camp activities, teaching English and so on. Duration of this internship program was 6 weeks and during this long time it’s good that I was with my friend. It’s was my first trip to abroad. We reached to Chisinau on 12th of July around 9 pm.

First impressions were very good because there were too many people who came to airport to meet us with bread-salt, national flag, bracelet with flag colors, big posters written our and project’s name on it. I could feel warm atmosphere. After that we went to the dormitory. On the way to dorm I was sure that this city is really green, not crowded. The second day we met with rest of EPs (Exchange Participants). On that time I noticed that here’s life different, living, communication, people and I felt internationalism. Each day we met some more people, some more AIESECers. First days we had so many fun, we had international supper, the girls from OC team (Organizing Committee) Elena and Felicia cooked amazing meal and we ate it with homemade wine which our new friend Olga Müller brought from her house. Besides that we went to disco with all our new friends, it was “Salsa night”. And I still remember this place as one of the first places we saw in Chisinau, “Booz Time”. Also we had been in several ancient places. I still remember in monastery at Orhei Vechi and also “Capriana”. After these fun activities we had 3 days of trainings. These training helped us to know each other better, to overcome cultural shock, to improve our communication skills, and aslo to learn some usefull words in romanian language : Ma numesc Rufat ( My name is Rufat) Eu am nouăsprezece ani ( I’m 19 years old) etc. After these trainings we went to the camp. This camp was near capital, Orhei , Ivancea. The camp very good,conditions, swimming pool, children-teenagers and working staff. They consider us as teachers but without earning moneyJ. In first 10 day I worked with Azer Aliev and Helen Ding. During lessons we were introducing ourselves and our countries and playing with them get to each other, team building activities and some other competitions. There were 9 groups and we choosed people who has at least basic level of english and we organized summer conversation clubs. Sometimes we helped to camp staff and night performation on the scene. We showed some AIESEC Azerbaijan dances and of course tunak-tunak. Starting that day, they were dancing this all day longJ. Also there was eurovision day, with my fiends we represented Malta. And we were kind of winner :).

After 1st working term we went to AIESEC Local Planning Meeting. There we met many EPs from all over the world and we met some other friends from Azerbijan. We represent our country in one of opening planery and generally had amaing 3 days in this conference. After these conference we went to the camp named “Andriesh” again. But in the second term I worked with Azer, Erlyn and Fatih. Our working agenda was almost the same but there were a little changes. We started to organize conversation club earlier than the last term. Also our night performations were different in this term I represent Azerbaijan and with my international friends we represented Romania. While working in this camp we had so many friends and ofcourse we had unforgettable memories which we still remember maybe we’ll never forget. 4 of us were the real team. We supported, helped each other. All the children and teaching working in camp loved us and they want us stay one more time but we had some other plans during this internship. We said goodbye to all the people we know in the camp and left “Andriesh”. We came back to our lovely Chisinau and met again our friends, real friends from AIESEC. Really, AIESEC is the same in everywhere. They never let us to us stranger in this country. Personally me felt myself safe, happy around these people. After staying some days in Chisinau, we decided to go to Kiev, to see Ukraine and also our friend Bakhtiyar. It took 14 hours to go there by bus. We reached to bus station. The weather was fucking cold. That’s why me and Azer weared our warm clothes right in bus station of course with laughing so hard :). Then we found metro and went to railway station to meet our another friend who was working at the camp in Odessa, Ukraine. Walking in Kiev was also challenge for us cause we didn’t know any place there. It’s good that we met one AIESECer and she helped us about accomondation. 3days stayed in Kiev, we had lots of fun, we bought lots of gifts and ofcourse we met new people. After that I persuade my friends to visit Odessa also. We went there by train 14 hours again. But really I’m happy that I was there. It has big port with lots of ships, beautiful weather, live music at the streets, good designed cafes, many green trees and many tourists. We stayed there just one day and we satisfied with our travel to Ukraine. Tomorrow moring we went back to Chisinau. I had very strange feeling on the way to Moldova. The feeling that I’m going back my home. Fuck! At that time I could imagine how much I’m gonna miss this place, people, all the things I knew in Moldova. There were just 2 days left. I met with my buddy(Ecaterina) as the last time and she gave amazing gift, photo album with our photoes. I apriciated it very much cause it was the thing that could help me remember all the passed days when I miss those days.  At the last day we attended in amazing water-fight. It was kind of our good bye party. I had increadibly much fun there. I was fully wet in the middle of the city center. It was the most interesting which I have ever attended. The one without such borders and limits. Sure after this kind of fun it was hard to pack our stuff and leave this country. But anyway there was no any choice. At airport you could harly see smiling person. Almost everybody was disappointed. After passing check in process we said good bye to each other as the last time. It really hurted. But I had such kind of feeling that I’ll see these people again. I got amazing experience. I’ve improved communication, organizing, training, presentational skills. I’ve got some real friends , the friends who really can take care of me when I’m around them. I’m grateful to all of them especially to my azeri friend Azer :). According to him I didn’t felt homesick, maybe just once. Generally it was the best summer ever ! I’ll always remember those days !

Moldova, Chisinau – My second hometown.

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  1. Azer dedi ki:

    Yaşa şair! Live long! How to say : Uno, Doi, Trei, Patru, Chinch anndd Ooooooooooooopt!

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