“Happiness means…” (2nd edition)

It means really different for each of us. But what does happiness mean for me? For me happiness is being free, healthy and near by the people who loves me. Maybe sometimes it sounds strange, but really, the others opinions about me is quite important for me.  What about others ? Take it all as quote 🙂 Let’s see :

Nigar Mammadli : “Im still in search of happiness”

Suleyman Suleymanov : “a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”

Azer Aliev : “Happiness is only real when shared”

Gunay Abilzade : “To love and to be beloved”

Ulya Salmanova : “I thought a little and decide that “I don’t know”!!!”

Elvin Akhundzade : “family+friends..”

Gunay Hasanova : “it always changes because of the situation, so for me now happiness is to have a great career”

Bacixanim Sheydabeyova: “balance in everything”

Natavan Mirmamedli : “Live your every day like last day and share this day with your friends and family”

Turkan Mammadli : “to assume make dreams with him…”

Toghrul Tagi-zade: “lovely girl sleeping on your hands”

Moshu Vekilov : “Immortality”

Sebuhi Talibli : “It’s one of the questions in this world which does not have an answer”

Maryam Majidova : “To love and to be beloved”

Khalil Efendiyev : “spend time with father and mother”

Sovi Azimova : “does it really exist?”

Liliya Lilian : “anyway i’m happy but it’s comin over, when i feel or do sth and it’s full feelin my heart. The main thing is sincerity”

Elmir Bashirov : “being near by my family and friends p.s also much money)”

Ayshen Isazadeh : “To love and to be beloved, just live my life, fighting for life, remember my past and think about my future”

Ayten Isazadeh : “to live with full of love, colorful and interesting life also to be near by the people who I love”

Panah Abbasov : “Life that I live”

Gunay Kazimzade : “for me it is never saying “maybe”

Bakhtiyar Ismailov : “family”

Aysel Akberova : “when i understand that i can help someone ,and make his/her life a little bit happier”

Cavid Mamedov : “When I satisfied with my life..”

Mahbub Alakbarli : “be around my friends and relatives, and RELAX ”

Orkhan Rustamov : “Love + Family + Luck”

Nizami Shirinov : “it’s simply reaching your goals and when realizing your dreams”

Munis Isazade : “to catch pretty good money”

Leyla Holly : “when executed all my dreams + sun and good weather”

Aykhan Khalilov : “to do what i like”

Javid Allahverdiyev : “Make your dreams come true and have a happy family”

Luch Felicia : “At this moment it would mean the project to be perfectly done and my family to be ok, also my friends”

Lalka Tahirli : “to love and being lovely”

Aysel Sohrabqizi : “My boyfriend makes me happy ”

Khayal Mecidzade : “Now it is only my work no more..”

Aytan Khanbayli : “When everything goes by plan”

Sabi Mamedli : “Success”

Thanks for sharing your opinions, I think we can consider that sometimes happiness is sharing ! 🙂 BE HAPPY !!!


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“Happiness means…” (2nd edition) üçün cavab

  1. Rahim dedi ki:

    Happiness is something that u look 4 ever but u r never satisfied with..

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