“Happiness means…”

Summer.. it reminds me the best moment of my life. Cause in my childhood i could see my relatives and also i could enjoy the life. Then i was a child, i hated city, school and so on. Actually i couldn’t stand here. All we(cousins) needed was just togetherness and happiness. But it’s a little bit different now. We cannot get the happiness as easy as we could. Except eating meal, drinking water and playing games we need the other elements of happiness*. Of course this word means different for each other. Really it’s different.. I’ve taken interview from some of my relatives. What does happiness mean for you right now? Here it is :

1.(Ayshan Isazadeh) – Just to live my life, fighting for life, remember my past and think about my future

2.(Elvina Abbasova) – to live healthy and being with my children

3.(me;) – Surrounded by the people who loves me, cares about me and also living healthy and to be well-educated

4.(Hormet Qulamova) – happiness of my relatives is my happiness

5.(Sabina Qulamova) – money, health and being near by my relatives

6.(Arzu Babirova) – I’m happy when the love is mutual and i’m near the people who i love

7.(Mahir Eyvazov) – a pure family with healthy children and money for not to depend on somebody

8.(Lala Dashdamirova) – i don’t know what is the happiness but i’m very happy now

9.(Ayten Isazadeh) – everything consists the happiness. Happiness is everything

10.(Munis Isazadeh) – to get success and achievements from the life

11.(Fazilat Samedsoy) – being near by the people who i love , and to feel myself stable happy

12.(Fidan Samedova) – prefers sleeping;)



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