“Hey! Mister Crazy!!! …”

First morning in Jakatka

Week 1.


If I have some cash, the first thing comes to my mind is travelling and of course visa issues beyond the travelling 😀 Well, this year I had the same. I was thinking a lot how and where to spend productive summer. I have changed my mind maybe about 100 times. The last dilemma in my head was whether to go ‘Euro Trip’ or to have summer internship in Asia.

Let’s say I left my comfort zone by applying to Global Citizen Program both in Indonesia and Malaysia. Luckily I got interview suggestion from one of AIESEC Local Committee, “Universitas Indonesia – UI”. By passing this interview and accepting the project I made my decision. To tell the truth I didn’t care much what the project was about, because I was ready for any kind of volunteering job after working in AIESEC several years.

I must say Embassy of Indonesia in Baku is the friendliest one amongst the embassies that I visited so far. They knew AIESEC and they respected it enough. It took me 3 days to get cultural visa for 60 days stay in Indonesia, without collecting tons of documents.

As I was going to attend in AIESEC Conference in Tokyo after my internship so I booked a ticket: Baku -> Istanbul -> Jakarta -> Tokyo -> Istanbul -> Baku. I had my longest flight from Istanbul to Jakarta up to 12 hours in the air. I set in myself some thoughts that “Rufat, it’s going to be a tough, you’ll be exhausted & bored”. But actually it was more that okay, as I find local Indonesian English speakers whom I had a chat so several hours and learned a lot from them.

I was happy to meet my host – Reza at the airport and generally I was very glad with my host family. You know if you are planning to leave at someone’s house for 5 weeks believe me their personality matters a lot. Luckily I felt myself here very comfortable. I loved Indonesian type of house where I leaved and I loved my separate room.

The first night when I got home, was disaster. I think I felt that much homesick last time only when I was 18. I felt myself that far from the people whom I love, generally far from Baku that I thought I did a mistake by coming in here. But in the next day’s evening I had pretty nice experience by having guests at home for a fasting break as it was Ramadan. Ramadan is coming!Even it was kind of Ramadan gathering, I felt like it’s my welcome party! There was a moment which I will remember as a part of culture shock, while the guests and my host family members started to pray all together, it was in a loud voice and felt like at mosque for a while. I was very happy that they never tried to start a conversation about Islam, knowing that I’m also Muslim.

It was about to become boring, we started to have Incoming Preparation Seminars at Shashank and HanaUniversity of Indonesia by AIESEC. And there I met my first 2 friends, Shashank from India and Hana from Egypt who show me the Central Jakarta as a first time and of course I had a chance to spend a few hours of talking in English as much as I want J One of time nice experiences was also to be in Jakarta during Ramadan discounts almost at all the malls. I spent about 1 million 300 thousand Rupia which is equal to 100 USD 🙂

Week 2. Oxumağa davam et

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Hələ belə ehtiraslı mövzuda essay yazmamışdım.

1233406_4907076454974_678097107_n Gənclərin cinsi sağlamlığı və cinsi yolla keçən xəstəliklər.

 İnsan sağlamlığı üçün hər zaman vuruşur. Bədəninin hər hansı bir hissəsi ağrıyarkən, hələ həyatdan tam zövq almamışam deyir. Sağlamlığında olan problemlərə, xoşa gəlməz xəstəliklərə gənc yaşlarında rast gəlinirsə öhdəsindən gəlmək iki qat daha ağır olur mənim fikrincə.

Gənclər hər zaman həyatdan tam zövq almaq istəyir. Bəzən hətta baş verəcək fəsadlar və ya xəstəliklərə yoluxma ehtimalı belə gözə alınmır. Sirr deyil ki, QİÇS təhlükəli, insanları lərzəyə salan və cinsi yolla keçən ən təhlükəli xəstəlikdir. Düzdür yoluxma yolları müxtəlif ola bilər amma əsasən faiz göstəricilərinə görə əsas yoluxma yolu cinsi yoldur. İki milyona yaxın insan bu xəstəlik nəticəsində dünyasını dəyişib və əksər hallarda bu siyahıya gənclər və orta yaşlı insanlar daxildir. Qeyd etmək lazımdır ki, xəstəlik gec baş qaldırır və əgər qan yoxlanılmasa həmin “HİV” virusunun daşıyıcısı olduğun bilinmir. Təsadüfi deilki tək Şərqi Avropada bu xəstəliyə yoluxanların sayı, Şimali Amekira və Qərbi və Mərkəzi Avropada bu xəstəlik daşıyıcılarının cəminə bərabərdir. Müxtəlif fərziyyələr ola bilər ki, niyə? Mənim ilk ağlıma gələn səbəb təhsil səviyyəsi və azad fikirlilikdi. İlk öncə cinsi yolla keçə biləcək xəstəliklər və başqa yaranacaq fəsadlar məktəb yaşlarında şagirdlərə çox açıq bir şəkildə bildirilməlidir. Bizim milli mentalitetimizdə bu bir qədər ayıb hesab oluna bilər və hatta valideynlə qarşı çıxa bilərlər. Lakin başa düşmək lazımdır ki, gənclərin belə şeylərə marağı qaçılmazdır. Hər bir şagird 9-cu sinif anatomiya dərsliyini alanda, ilk işi kitabı vərəqləyib arxa paraqraflardakı qadın və kişi orqanizmi haqqında daha çox məlumat almaqdır. Oxumağa davam et

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Global Citizenship in Poland !

1077863_494417063971289_979584345_o     My second internship program was planned almost one year before. But the place where I’m going to get it was unexpected again. I was planning to go Brazil. Yeah, it was pretty good idea but later in the middle of the processes nice Polish breeze blew me up. I started in the same way to search for Internship Programs in Poland. For me the city didn’t matter because I haven’t been to any of them and I applied for 3 cities.

Approximately after 2 days I got an answer from Local Committee “Lodz” that I should have an interview. And in the interview day the results were out and I was accepted! After this news I felt a bit strange that how it’ll be and how I’m going to spend my internship in Poland but in the same way I was so happy because it would be my first visit to the Middle Europe. It was quite good news that after some days I got news that one of my team members is also accepted to the same project called “Inspirator2013”. Actually to many people form Azerbaijan was accepted to Poland for this summer but in our city Lodz = [Luch] was just me and my friend.

We arrived to the capital of Poland on 12th July evening and we got info that we should buy train ticket from Warsaw to Lodz. We spend about 7 hours at “Dworzec Warszawa Centralna” (The main train station) and the train took 2 and half hours to Lodz. Our Organizing Committee President met us in the very rainy and cloudy day and we went to our first house where we are going to leave. I met my intern friends from Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil and Taiwan. We had very great welcome party for all of exchange participants. It was strange for me to stay at the pub till 23:30 and then live for club but generally it was great welcoming. On the Weekend we had our preparation seminars at University of Lodz by former Local Committee President of AIESEC Lodz. The training was consist of full preparations and was looking like TTT (Train the Trainer).

Our first working place was Orphanage, mostly with the children 15 years plus. We started from get to know each other and internal games and later it lasted with cultural presentations. It was quite interesting not only for children but also for us as well. During a day we worked about 4 hours and we had lunch together with these children. Of course in the evenings we had enough time to walk, to see, to shopping, to eat and to party. Our lovely place in this city was the longest street in the Europe: Pietrowska and if I’m not mistaken the biggest shopping mall in Europe: Manufaktura. The first place which I wrote was known by beautiful architects, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Almost everyday we visited this place. Manufaktura in the ancient times was just a fabric but know it was such a big shopping mall that you can easily get tired while walking there. The main stuff which liked was its color. Because the red buildings always reminded me Poland and now it was my pleasure just to have a look. Oxumağa davam et

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Moldova Experience Loading…

I don’t know what to start from. But anyway, I’ll try to start somehow… I signed exchange contract not knowing where to go. All I wanted it was to go to somewhere in july and come back in august. Everything was unexpected and I matched myself with Moldova, Chisinau. As this internship was in summer so my choice was “Summer Box” project, organizing camp activities, teaching English and so on. Duration of this internship program was 6 weeks and during this long time it’s good that I was with my friend. It’s was my first trip to abroad. We reached to Chisinau on 12th of July around 9 pm.

First impressions were very good because there were too many people who came to airport to meet us with bread-salt, national flag, bracelet with flag colors, big posters written our and project’s name on it. I could feel warm atmosphere. After that we went to the dormitory. On the way to dorm I was sure that this city is really green, not crowded. The second day we met with rest of EPs (Exchange Participants). On that time I noticed that here’s life different, living, communication, people and I felt internationalism. Each day we met some more people, some more AIESECers. First days we had so many fun, we had international supper, the girls from OC team (Organizing Committee) Elena and Felicia cooked amazing meal and we ate it with homemade wine which our new friend Olga Müller brought from her house. Besides that we went to disco with all our new friends, it was “Salsa night”. And I still remember this place as one of the first places we saw in Chisinau, “Booz Time”. Also we had been in several ancient places. I still remember in monastery at Orhei Vechi and also “Capriana”. After these fun activities Oxumağa davam et

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“Happiness means…” (2nd edition)

It means really different for each of us. But what does happiness mean for me? For me happiness is being free, healthy and near by the people who loves me. Maybe sometimes it sounds strange, but really, the others opinions about me is quite important for me.  What about others ? Take it all as quote 🙂 Let’s see : Oxumağa davam et

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Khojaly genocide !

Khojaly was Azerbaijan settlement situated within the administrative borders of the Nagorno Karabakh region of the country, on the road Agdam – Shusha, Khankendi (Stepanakert) — Askeran near the only airport of the region. Its population constituted over 7 thousand people. Because of its communication advantage of harboring the civil airport just before the start of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict it had become shelter for refugee Meskhetian Turks fled the bloody inter-ethnic clashes in central Asia as well as Azerbaijani refugees deported from Armenia.

Late into the night of February 25, 1992 the city has become under the intensive fire from the town of Khankendi and Askeran already occupied by Armenian forces. At night from February 25 to 26 the Armenian armed forces supported by the ex-Soviet 366th regiment completed the surrounding of the town already isolated due to ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijani population of its neighboring regions. The joint forces have occupied the town which has been brought in rubbishes by heavy artillery shelling. After all 150 people defending the town were killed by overwhelmed fire and by superior forces of advancing army regiments the remaining handful of the town’s defendants provided a humanitarian corridor for several hundreds of the town’s residents to escape their homes.

Under the heavy conditions the towns’ population moved into the darkness of night to be met at the middle of the route by ambush of Armenian forces and militia. Several thousands of fleeing civilians were ambushed at several points and being shelled by bullet rain tried to find refuge in the near-by forests and mountains terrain. However advances punitive teams of so called NK defense army after eliminating handful of policemen accompanying the refugees column reached out unprotected civilians to slaughter some, finish off others, having some bodies mutilated and scalped as the notorious karabakh war trophies. Oxumağa davam et

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The History of Valentine’s Day !

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The origins of Valentine’s Day trace back to the ancient Roman celebration of Lupercalia. Held on February 15, Lupercalia honored the gods Lupercus and Faunus, as well as the legendary founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.

In addition to a bountiful feast, Lupercalia festivities are purported to have included the pairing of young women and men. Men would draw women’s names from a box, and each couple would be paired until next year’s celebration.

While this pairing of couples set the tone for today’s holiday, it wasn’t called “Valentine’s Day” until a priest named Valentine came along. Valentine, a romantic at heart, disobeyed Emperor Claudius II’s decree that soldiers remain bachelors. Claudius handed down this decree believing that soldiers would be distracted and unable to concentrate on fighting if they were married or engaged. Valentine defied the emperor and secretly performed marriage ceremonies. As a result of his defiance, Valentine was put to death on February 14.

After Valentine’s death, he was named a saint. As Christianity spread through Rome, the priests moved Lupercalia from February 15 to February 14 and renamed it St. Valentine’s Day to honor Saint Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

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